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Make your holiday unforgettable.

At Dorcas Tours we offer tailor-made private tours, survival courses, conservation and volunteering, as well as transformational getaways. Contact us to make your next trip unforgettable.

What We Do

  • Inspiration, education, and transformation.
  • Less waste and less impact on the environment (Improving our carbon footprint by use, re-use and recycle)
  • Itineraries that are tailor-made to support our mission
  • Slow travel and introducing clients to local traditions and food of various communities and cultures.
  • Connecting people with nature through awakening all their senses. (Sight, touch, smell, and taste.)
  • Accommodation is hand picked uplifting establishments and the people working to give people great experiences.
  • True heart-felt connections.

Tailor-made Travel

Survival Courses

Conservation & Volunteering

Transformational Getaways

Our Mission

The dream and vision of Dorcas Tours has been from the start to change the way tour companies are of value in society and the role it can play to make a change of people and communities’ lives. Our focus revolves around conservation of nature and the importance of connecting people to the important vital role nature plays in our lives and how nature nurtures our body, mind, and soul.

We at Dorcas Tours promote Eco-friendly and Sustainable tourism and our passion is to support communities and small businesses to thrive in a world where big corporations have taken over. We want our clients to feel that they are part of this change by giving them the opportunity to be full immersed when booking a holiday or transformational package and that they can make the change they want to see in the world. Our mission is to contribute to the greater vision of life and the world we live in.


Tailor your next holiday to suit your needs and expectations and not other peoples’ dreams. We cover all your traveling, accommodation and activities needs while you can sit at home and relax whilst dreaming of Africa before your holiday starts.

Airconditioned Passenger Vehicles with permits and passenger liability

Knowledgeable Registered Guides in
your preferred languages.

Tented, Budget and off-grid to Luxury

From pool side holidays to Adventure Travel.

Visit major attractions from Table
Mountain to the Serengeti Migration.

Explore Culture, Food and Nature

Conservation & Volunteering

While visiting South Africa on holiday why not make a difference. Volunteer in animal parks or Game Lodges and make a difference to the world around us. Help with different conservation programs and be the change you want to see in this world.

Volunteer in an animal park

Animal Parks offers hands-on experiences and allows you to get up close with the big cats and other animals.

Volunteer in a game lodge.

Help in a Game Lodge with conservation efforts such as lion prey selection monitoring, rhino surveys, elephant impact monitoring and community projects.

Meals and accommodation included.

Accommodation and meals will be provided.

Enjoy free time activities.

In your free time you can enjoy fun activities such as sky diving, scuba diving, bungee jumping and much more.

Meet like-minded people.

You will meet many people with the same passion and interest as yourself.


Survival these days are not just in the bush but everyday life. Join a survival course to learn about survival and challenging yourself in everyday situations physically and mentally. Change the way you see and think about life and prepare yourself for everything life challenges you with. Book your survival course with us today.

  • We are affiliated with one of the worlds best Survival Schools.
  • All Courses are endorsed by the Survival Training Association of South-Africa.
  • Being Certified gives you a new career opportunity and can open up new doors and success.
  • Spiritual growth and transformation.
  • Book through Dorcas Tours and get 5% discount on all courses.

Transformational Getaways

Living in a world of chaos and with life changing around us it is a good time to make changes to our self-growth and health. We offer you transformational workshop retreats that will not just improve your health and well-being but will bring you back to nature and make you discover your own self and strength.

  • Experience an unforgettable re-wilding getaway at our off-grid location.
  • Wild camping, swimming, nature trails, cold exposure, breath-work, and bushcraft.
  • You arrive as friends and leave as family.
  • Re-Wilding is for anybody looking to reconnect or deepen their connection to nature.
  • No judgement of biases. It’s all about you!
  • A complete internal reset to take control of what really matters.
  • An opportunity to expand boundaries, challenge yourself, recharging body, mind and soul.


“I like to remember our relaxed beautiful time in ZA. A big thank you to Jan, who made it possible for us to experience South Africa’s Cape region intensively in a short time on a tour that was individually tailor-made for us. All our wishes were fulfilled. From the first day we immersed ourselves in the world at the Cape and felt comfortable.

We were also supported with information and tips on our onward journey. It was a very very nice time and a big THANK YOU to Jan and Jenny. I can sincerely recommend you as guides. So long and who knows, maybe we’ll see each other again.”

Jane Mustermann

Tailor your next holiday to suit your needs and expectations and not other peoples’ dreams.

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